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Google is slowly however indisputably remodeling the digital landscape in India


Google is working very onerous to make India a better location. The number of tasks and products and services that they’ve supplied in the closing 6 months alone is fantastic whilst you truly take into consideration it.

the article with these updates is that they seem to be very small and so they come once every few weeks. Add them up together and you realize that Google has nice plans for India.

Search outcomes

Google is no longer only a search engine. It’s an running system, your gateway to the online and the limitless knowledge on provide. It’s also your source of stories, of updates, your concierge and a lot extra.

icc-launch-demo (1)

Take cricket for example. everybody knows that India’s a cricket-crazy usa and none higher than Google. at the time of ICC T20 tournament, Google offered a real-time update commentary gadget for Indians. it’s essential to even search for your favourite player and Google would throw up cards with that participant’s comments on the match.


Healthcare? That’s sorted as well. Google tied up with Apollo clinic etc and had been working to supply us with up to the moment clinical information  in English and Hindi. if truth be told, India is simply one in every of three international locations with get right of entry to to the service. the usa and Brazil fill the other two slots.If that wasn’t sufficient, Google discovered India’s other pulse, Bollywood. They’ve on the grounds that updated their search engine to throw up related and  You’ll get film-centric cards in accordance with your area, the power to devise a commute around cinema history, minutiae on films and a lot extra.

pasted image 0pasted image 0 (1)

The feature is currently limited to the prominently Hindi-conversing states in the usa— Bihar, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi, and West Bengal. It’s anticipated to roll out to everybody very quickly.

Google believes that Indians switch between English and Hindi in response to context and want to provide that very same functionality via their new characteristic. They declare that you could ask questions like “Dhoni ka Janam din kab hai?” and are expecting the best results.

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Google launches Science Journal to make your android phone a research & analysis lab


Google believes there’s a scientist in all of us, so it’s launching a new app that turns your phone into a powerful little research lab.

Called Science journal, the app uses the sensors in your phone to measure and record data in real time, including movement, light and sound:

See something you want to measure? How much light is in my room compared to outside? How loud is the dog’s bark compared to my cough? Record your observations in real-time at the press of a button. Explore your environment or measure things you’ve built yourself.

It can even connect with Arduino devices for more detailed measurements.


Of course, plenty of mobile apps can already feed you hard sensor data, but Science Journal takes a more thorough approach by allowing you to record that data into graphs and charts, as well as take and organize notes on your observations.

For example, you could add a voice note while taking measurements to help you remember specific details or variable you may have changed. You can then compare the results of your various experiments to come up with your conclusion.

Science Journal 2

Google’s also partnered with Exploratorium to sell Lab kits to go along with Science Journal. These include craft materials and/or extra sensors to help supplement your data or measure variables your phone isn’t capable of. That said, Google also tells you how to assemble the materials yourself if you prefer.


Science Journal is available on the Play Store  now. Sorry team Apple, no word on an iOS equivalent yet.

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8-12 months-previous developer wows Satya Nadella with his sport

On his contemporary consult with to India, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met the Indian prime Minister, entrepreneurs and more than a few government officers. It was once an eight-yr-previous Indian gaming developer who wowed him along with his vision of balancing know-how and environmental sustainability.

Mumbai-based totally pupil, Medansh Mehta, introduced his app “Let There Be light” throughout a gathering between Nadella and student developers from India. The boy left Nadella so impressed that the Microsoft CEO later mentioned him in a keynote speech.

“I met an eight-yr-old, and this is in all probability the time where I felt the most insufficient,” Nadella mentioned. “And, the eight-yr outdated’s dream is to create a society that is aware of methods to balance financial increase with environmental sustainability. that is the goal he has, and then he translated that vision, that purpose, right into a novel game that he’s built.”

His recreation “Let there be gentle” focuses on balancing development and the surroundings. players need to create cities by growing factories and farms, but also concentrate on the environment and air high quality. There are further factors for using renewable power like solar and wind power.

Mehta later quizzed Nadella on how he might change into the following Microsoft CEO. “you’re already bold beyond being the following CEO,” Nadella replied. “the sport has the sensibility that all of us need.”

on this television interview, the eight-12 months-old revealed his ambitions.


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the pc Hardware Chart: are you able to establish Your pc’s parts?


Tech quick : Ever heard of a pc hardware chart? Ever puzzled in regards to the shade-coding and pins configuration? smartly, our information limits to what we use and not past. here, we bring a pc hardware chart for an in-depth view of what your computer is all about.

I take into account that a humorous incident that came about to me throughout my networking lab. I always knew community cable and jack by using the name of RJ forty five however in the future, when my pals started out calling a jack, the male adapter, and port, the female adapter, I was once stunned and equally amused.

Later, once I came to know that straight cable and move cables have completely different wire colour coded configurations, I used to be once more amused and shocked. So, I determined to open my previous CPU box and take a took at the entire ports, sockets, and slots.

certainly, that used to be an amazing experience. So, these days, I share with you a computer hardware chart which should be as attention-grabbing as an Indian Jones secret map for laptop geeks.

if in case you have ever questioned about SATA or PATA, or the difference between an RJ-45 and RJ-11 port then this chart is for you (click to enlarge).

the complete computer hardware chart
update: we’ve got come up with a new image which incorporates the newer  technological advents like fiber channel plugs, fiber optic ports, several types of energy connectors which are recent to nowadays’s laptop world and several types of phone plugs as well. details of all these will also be discovered within the more moderen image under:

This laptop hardware chart comprises details about the following. Please click to magnify!

  • RAM
  • arduous drive
  • Processor card and socket slots
  • totally different ports
  • CPU sockets
  • desktop card slots
  • Peripheral playing cards etc.
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Google’s quantum laptop is a hundred million times sooner than your pc


but is it an precise quantum laptop?


Tech short : Google has been sharing more small print about its quantum computing venture, which it runs in partnership with NASA. The tech company says its great D-Wave 2X quantum computing computer has been figuring out algorithms at a hundred,000,000 times the rate that a conventional laptop chip can, and that would make an enormous distinction within the processing energy at our disposal sooner or later.

In quantum computing (intently linked to quantum mechanics), quantum bits (or ‘qubits’) can simultaneously hold values of 1, 0, or each, reasonably than being set to 1 or 0 as conventional electronic bits are. The qubits are tiny particles suspended in temperatures simply above absolute zero, and as extra qubits are brought, the to be had processing power goes up exponentially. giant knowledge problems, comparable to weather forecasts or chemical analysis, may be handled so much quicker through the energy of quantum computing.

We’re now not slightly there yet – to one of the best of our knowledge, anyway – however Google’s announcement marks another step forward in making quantum computing a fact that can have a substantial influence on technology and science analysis.As jordan Novet at Venturebeat reviews, it’s additionally a justification of the work D-Wave has been doing with its machines, which have additionally been bought to corporations together with Lockheed Martin and the Los Alamos nationwide Laboratory.

seeking to get an understanding of the new tendencies with out a physics level and a mastery of scientific jargon isn’t straightforward, but primarily, researchers ran simulated checks of standard laptop chips and when put next them in opposition to the capabilities of the D-Wave 2X when doing the same sums – that’s the place the 100 million velocity increase was referred to.

That’s an outstanding determine, however we’re not somewhat in the age of quantum computing just yet. “while these outcomes are interesting and very encouraging, there’s more work in advance to show quantum greater optimization into a practical technology,” writes Google’s Hartmut Neven on the businesses weblog. The team has also revealed a paper  on its findings.

Quantum computing idea is all neatly and excellent, however we’re nonetheless waiting for affirmation that these ideas can work in practice. not people are convinced that the D-Wave 2X is a real quantum computer; there’s additionally some dialogue around the effectivity of the algorithms used in Google’s simulation of the common computer chip, which may have been optimized further.

while scientists debate the various merits of this explicit super computer, the likes of IBM and Microsoft are joining Google in the race to crack the quantum computing code. consistent with mcrosoft, shall we see a working quantum computer within the subsequent ten years  – although D-Wave still maintains the essential know-how is already right here.

Time to search out the most effective resolution with 99% likelihood for different problem sizes. We evaluate Simulated Annealing (SA), Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) and D-Wave 2X. proven are the 50, 75 and 85 percentiles over a set of one hundred circumstances. We seen a speedup of many orders of magnitude for the D-Wave 2X quantum annealer for this optimization problem characterized by using rugged power landscapes. For such problems, quantum tunneling is a useful computational resource to traverse tall and slender vitality barriers.
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Tejas airplane inducted into IAF, 10 stuff you must know about it!

After multi-religious prayer ceremony, Tejas airplane was inducted into the IAF

New Delhi: putting an end to the wait of over three a long time, the first squadron of indigenous gentle combat airplane Tejas christened ‘Flying Daggers forty five′ was inducted into the Indian Air power on Friday.

The airplane is all set to replace the IAF’s aging fleet of MiG-21 and MiG-23 airplane. the two LCA were given to the IAF by means of the makers Hindustan Aeronautics restricted.

After multi-non secular prayer ceremony, Tejas airplane was inducted into the IAF.

prior to shifting to Sulur in Tamil Nadu, the primary LCA squadron might be based in Bengaluru in Karnataka.

beginning with two airplane, the squadron will get six extra jets by way of 2017 to make it fully operational.

The LCA is a long way superior to Pakistan’s JF-17 built jointly with China, the IAF brought.

Tejas continues to be to get full operational clearance, is predicted to get ready for the combatting role next year, as per officials. The ten info are as follows:-

  •  It was once in 1984 that the federal government of India first moved decisively to kick-begin the process to build an indigenous airplane. Aeronautical construction company (ADA) was arrange by means of the federal government to improve the programme.
  •  In 1986, Rs 575 crores were allotted by using the then government in opposition to funding the programme.  On January 4th, 2001, the light combat airplane made its first flight, a milestone within the Indian aviation industry. Then prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee named the plane ‘Tejas’ – which means ‘radiance’ in Sanskrit.
  •  The induction of Tejas comes at an important time when the IAF has needed to desperately substitute it with the getting old fleet of MiG-21, chargeable for so many crashes
  • The plane is equipped to handle air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, anti-ship missiles, bombs and rockets.
  • The aircraft’s structure consists of forty two% carbon fibre composites, forty three% aluminium alloy and the remainder titanium alloy.
  • The plane is being developed in single-seat fighter and twin-seat coach variations for the IAF and the Navy. earlier this year, the aircraft participated in its first international express on the Bahrain global Air convey 2016 where aircraft lovers compared it to Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder, that was once produced with the assist of China
  • it’s thought to be to be the lightest multi-position supersonic aircraft of its type.
  • The airplane can go back and forth at a most velocity of 2,205 km/hr for FOC version and a pair of,000 km/hr for IOC model.