Visualforce – Get All Accounts Related to Name Written in Input field

To Achieve this Functionality, one needs to use Jquery.

In order to use Jquery , Upload Jquery Script as a Static resource in your Salesforce Organization and Use this Script in Visualforce Page.

In order to take understanding as how it works please refer to the following URL.

Here is the Controller and Visualforce Page.

Account Name : 


public with sharing class FindAccountRelated_To_Search_Ext {

public String AccName {get;set;}
public List AccountList {get;set;}

public PageReference RelatedAccounts(){

return null;

public List getAllAccounts(){

AccountList = [Select ID,Name From Account Where Name LIKE : ('%'+AccName+'%') ];
return AccountList;


Some points which you should know for this Visualforce Page.

1 – Use Input Field for Name of Account.

2 – Use Pageblock Table or DataTable For Display Records.

3 – Use Keypress  Jquery Event to Get the Input.

4 – Use Action function to Send the Input Value to Controller.

5 – Use SOQL Query In controller to Get All Related Records as Written in Input Field.


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